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Datafied Society (research platform)


7 June 2019
10:00 - 15:00

Workshop: Real Social Analytics (by invitation only)

The workshop aims to bring together different public facing institutions and academic institutions to discuss concerns connected to the measurement of public values (e.g. diversity). The meeting will be kicked off by Prof. dr. William Uricchio (MIT) with a discussion of the colonization of the data imaginary in public facing institutions which will be followed by the introduction of a case study: a recommender system based on public value that the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is developing in collaboration with VPRO and NPO. Prof. dr. Nick Couldry (LSE) then moves to introduce the concept “real social analytics”, which opens up the discussion to key questions: How can citizens be involved in the building of measures for the things we know they really care about? How should they be involved? How accountable to citizens does the interpretation of such measures also need to be? The workshop is hosted by the research platform Datafied Society at Utrecht University.