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Utrecht Data School

The Utrecht Data School, founded in December 2013, is a platform for explorative data analysis. It is an interdisciplinary effort of scholars from new media studies cooperating with colleagues from geosciences, government studies and computer science. In cooperation with partners from business, government and NGO’s students analyse case examples and provide a fresh view upon data sets in an extended hackathon fashion. The research projects are commissioned by external partners who are interested in new ways of looking into data.

The Utrecht Data School uses a range of digital methods to investigate ‘digital born’ evidence such as social media data and employs a variety of tools for visualizing data analysis. Our research is explorative and experimental. Each project has a twofold objective: understanding the data in order to address the commissioned research question and learning about processes of data analysis and visualization. This open approach unleashes a playful creativity in sorting through data and combining data as well as in experimenting with various ways of addressing the research question. We aim at avoiding routine and boredom to keep a fresh view on data.

Visit our website: dataschool.nl