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Meet interns Rosemarij & Kirsten #projectkroncrv

We are Rosemarij Zeeman and Kirsten Leufkens, and both of us started the master’ s programme New Media and Digital Culture this year. Rosemarij with a background in communication and information sciences and Kirsten in interdisciplinary social sciences. This makes for a great and interesting collaboration, in which we can use our knowledge to complement each other. During our internship we are working on the research for the public broadcaster KRO-NCRV. Specifically, we are involved in the analysis of social media data. Our focus as a duo is on the analysis of the Facebook accounts of the television and radio programmes of this public broadcaster. We are working with two sorts of data. We investigate the network of relations between selected Facebook pages and other Facebook pages liked by or liking these. Secondly, we study the comments on posts of the Facebook pages using a qualitative approach. By doing this way we look for the social environment in which the KRO-NCRV is located and which themes are subject of discussion among Facebook users involved with the KRO-NCRV. It is a very interesting and challenging internship, in which we learn a lot from doing research. This varies from data collection to the analysis and visualization of data.