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Meet intern Ruud #projectkroncrv

My name is Ruud Dielen, intern at Utrecht Data School and student of the master New Media & Digital Culture at Utrecht University. After a bachelor in Media & Culture, with a focus on television, game and new media studies, I applied for the internship position at the research project commissioned by the KRO-NCRV. Within our part of the research project, me and my colleagues focus on the topics, norms and values Dutch public broadcasters and television shows are associated with within Dutch newspapers. Instead of reading each newspaper article on television shows, we use computational tools to analyze our newspaper data set. Mainly through topic modelling – in the most easiest way explained as algorithmically clustering words from the data set to identify different  topics – we try to gain insights in what the KRO-NCRV is associated with. Within the internship, I have gained skills in programming with Python, allowing me to perform topic modelling, to scrape websites, write my own codes and perform frequency analysis of our data.