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ICA preconference #JODS

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Preconference  for ICA 2019, Washington DC, Friday May 24, 2019 held at the University of Washington School of Law

Organized by: Nick Couldry (London School of Economics), Lina Dencik (Cardiff University), Karin van Es (Utrecht Data School), and Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen)

The growth of automated data collection, processing and analysis, and its installation within contemporary social, economic and political orders has created a number of huge challenges: for protecting fundamental rights and values such as freedom and autonomy, for understanding the connections between communications and social order, for sustaining key institutional processes such as the law, and for maintaining the very legitimacy and authority of decision-making by legal, political and social institutions. At the core of these challenges is a more basic question: what happens to society when communications (in the novel form of datafication and, underlying that, automated symbolic categorizations within database structures) begin to play a historically new role in the organization of life? This question requires communication researchers to be in dialogue with researchers in law and policy to address this fundamental question of communication beyond borders.


Time Speakers
Opening Opening
Nick Couldry
08.30 Keynote 1: “Automated Surveillance” Mark Andrejevic
Chair: Lina Dencik
09.15 Panel 1: Autonomy and voice in the datafied society
Joseph Turow, Usha Raman, Ellen Goodman
Chair: Andreas Hepp
10.45 BREAK
11.00 Panel 2: The Normative Bases of Data Justice
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Solon Barocas, Anna Lauren Hoffmann, Wolfgang Schulz
Chair: Karin van Es
12.30 Keynote 2: Julie Cohen
Chair: Nick Couldry
13.15 LUNCH
14.00 Panel 3: The Moral order of Datafied Publics
Payal Arora, Thomas Poell, Frank Pasquale
Chair: Patricia Aufderheide
15.30 Panel 4: The datafication of modernity’s institutions
Natali Helberger, Alison Hearn

Chair: Andrew IIiadis
16.30 Wrap-up