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Datafied Society (research platform)


The Datafied Society research hub addresses societal challenges emerging from novel data practices in public governance and management, (public) media and public space and seizes opportunities for using data practices to foster citizenship, civic participation and creative production.

Cooperating with academic partners from different disciplines, and societal partners such as municipalities (e.g. City of Utrecht), state departments (e.g. Ministry for Economy) and partners from creative industries and civil society, this hub brings together a wide range of relevant stakeholders and expertise. Building on an expanding network of the Utrecht Data School, the hub will facilitate both a platform for setting up interdisciplinary research projects and a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation between academics of different fields and practitioners or stakeholders from the related societal sectors. It functions as an impromptu think tank on emerging socio-political issues related to datafication and is focused on knowledge transfer and societal impact.