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18 September 2019

Opening DataWorkplace

Utrecht Data School and Utrecht School of Governance cooperate since January in a joint research programme with the municipalities of Almere, Gouda and Woerden, and the Province South-Holland. The DataWorkplace investigates how datafication transforms public management and policy making.

Six months into the project, a festive opening of the DataWorkplace took place at  18 September.

Utrecht University’s rector magnificus Prof. Henk Kummeling opened the DataWorkplace with a talk on the civic university and her role in society. Concerndirecteur and Loco-Provinciesecretaris Jan van Ginkel spoke about the profound transformation of governance in a datafied society. Professor Albert Meijer spoke with aldermen Michiel Bunnik (City of Gouda) and George Becht (City of Woerden) about the challenges and opportunities data practices constitute in their organisations. City manager Martiene Branderhorst and Associate Professor Mirko Tobias Schäfer gave a brief overview of the different case studies.